You're always one decision away from a new reality.

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A Word From the Founder, Judd Fink :

I find purpose as a certified guide and companion on your unique journey. I’m not just a certified life coach and motivational speaker; I’m an intuitive who draws wisdom from spiritual messages and my own life journey; I’m here to hold space, reflect, and navigate the depths of your experiences with you.

You are always one decision away from changing your reality.


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What Our Clients Are Saying

“I was really struggling with my interpersonal relationships at both work and home, and Judd at Spiritual Path Coaching provided some amazing insight and techniques to ensure I was connecting and properly communicating with the people around me. Amazing service!”

“I was feeling a great emptiness and realized I had always struggled with my spirituality. My physical health was on the decline as well, and I was just unhappy in general. I’m so glad I reached out to SPC, we’re making awesome progress with each session!”

“I cannot thank these people enough! I had some pretty lofty career goals set for myself and was having difficulty finding a practical way to bring it all to fruition. I now have the motivation, patience and a great roadmap to guide me to my vision!”

“I am pulling myself out of the darkest, most overwhelming depression I’ve ever experienced. When I was so ready for my life to be over, you helped me realize it was just the beginning. I am taking control and manifesting my own life and happiness now. Thank you Judd. For everything.

Judd Fink

Life Coach/Founder

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In person services are available in the Central Illinois area. Most services are availible virtually via secure platform wherever you are located in the United States .