“I am pulling myself out of the darkest, most overwhelming depression I’ve ever experienced.

When I was so ready for my life to be over, you helped me realize it was just the beginning. I am taking control and manifesting my own life and happiness now. Thank you Judd. For everything. You saved me in more ways than I think you’ll ever understand. I owe you my life.

I’ve been running around pretending that all I want in life is to be safe. Forget that, I’m not going to be safe. I am meta safe. I’m not safe but I can cope with danger| because if I can confront danger I can go anywhere and maybe that’s exactly what I need. Maybe I need to go out and have an adventure. I don’t get to be safe ever again. So what happens? I get to be stronger and that’s a better bargain anyways.

So Judd,I thank you for giving me the kick in the ass that I needed to get up and do something with myself. I will forever be in debt with you and you will forever have a place with me. Thank you for simply being you. You are a remarkable human being, and the world is a brighter and better place with you in it.”



“I just finished a 10 week series of life coaching sessions with the absolutely phenomenal Judd Fink. Wildly enough, it was through some of the hardest stuff I have been through in the last several years and he helped remind me of the tools I already have, gave me more and helped me go deeper into self love and my love for others. No topic was off the table and we dove into some intense emotionally charged topics; laughed, cried and found my footing again. I am eternally grateful for his lessons and for this new friendship.
When you’re ready, he’s your man!”



“In early 2023 I was drowning, nothing seemed to be going right. Everything was falling apart from my personal well being to my relationships with others. I was just not having a good time and bordering on a mental breakdown. The advice, support, and motivation that Judd gave to me was an absolute game changer. I cannot express how thankful I am.  In less than a year I’ve gone from just about the end of my rope physically, mentally, and emotionally to being a whole different person with a brand new mindset. I wake up every day ready to face whatever challenges the universe throws my way, grateful for the lessons and gifts that come along with them. I can’t imagine where I would be without Judd giving me the push to start this journey towards betterment and well being.”



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